From Android to iPhone 5…(Maybe) – Updated 6/07/12

I’ve been a fan of Android phones since the very first HTC G1 came out.  Since then I’ve had a Motorola Cliq, an HTC Nexus One, an LG G2x, and now an HTC Sensation.  And I have to say that for the most part I’ve been very happy with my Android experience.  But recently I’ve become more intrigued by Apple’s products.  You may be aware that I recently reviewed the Macbook Air and declared it to be “The Best Computer I’ve Ever Owned“.  And my own recent experience with the G2X and even some shortcomings with the Sensation have gotten me thinking that I may consider making the switch to the iPhone this year.  I say consider because I won’t commit to anything before I have all of the facts.  And facts are something that are hard to come by when you are talking about unreleased Apple products.  One thing that will have to change before I consider buying the iPhone is the screen size.  I realize that a 3.5 inches has been perfectly adequate for millions of current iPhone owners, but for me I don’t think I can come back to something so small after enjoying screens over 4 inches.  I’ve seen a lot of mock ups over the past few months but I think the one above is the one I like the best and the one I believe is the most realistic and in line with Apples other products.  Aluminum unibody construction, thinner, and larger screen.  That is my wish list.  So what I’ve compiled below is the latest rumors from around the web.  I’ll update this post each time a new rumor is released…so check back often.  And if you find a new rumor that you feel may be legitimate contact me and I’d be glad to post it and give you credit for finding it.  So without further interruption…let the rumors begin!

5/3/12 – iLounge reports larger screen, thinner body, and new dock connector!

As you can see from the mock up above iLounge claims to have information detailing a larger 4″ screen and slightly longer body.  They also report that the new phone will be about 20% thinner than the current iPhone with an aluminum back.  These are pretty standard rumors and likely upgrades so this is nothing really surprising.  But more interesting is their report of a new dock connector.  “The new port will be a little larger than the bottom speaker or microphone hole on the iPhone 4/4S. It’s believed to have fewer pins than the prior 30-pin Dock Connector, perhaps only 16, and the shape of the hole is apparently closer to a pill shape than the prior rounded rectangle. It will be used on all upcoming devices, including an update to the iPod touch that’s expected this year, and will almost certainly feature a similarly updated screen and CPU.”

5/16/12 – Wall Street Journal reports larger than 4″ screen.

Not too many details in this rumor other than the fact that the WSJ cites “people familiar with the matter” stating that Apple is ordering bigger screens from its Asian suppliers.  “The new screens measure at least 4 inches diagonally, the people said, compared with 3.5 inches on Apple’s latest model, the iPhone 4S. Production is set to begin next month, the people said. Analysts have predicted that the next iPhone will come out in the fall.”

5/22/12 – 9to5mac reports 3.95″ screen, maintain resolution.

Citing unnamed sources, apparently Apple is testing two different prototype candidate phones.  “Both of these phones sport a new, larger display that is 3.95 inches diagonally.  Apple will not just increase the size of the display and leave the current resolution, but will actually be adding pixels to the display. The new iPhone display resolution will be 640 x 1136.  That’s an extra 176 pixels longer of a display.  The screen will be the same 1.94 inches wide, but will grow to 3.45 inches tall. This new resolution is very close to a 16:9 screen ratio, so this means that 16:9 videos can play full screen at their native aspect ratio.”

They are also reporting that Apple plans to take advantage of the extra screen real estate by adding another row of icons exclusive to the new iPhone 5.  Among the other rumors is that it will still keep a physical home button, and a smaller dock connector.

5/29/12 – 9to5mac posts pictures of supposed back of new iPhone 5.

 This time they have the photos from an iPhone repair site called iFixyouri who received these to be entered into their catalog.  Not only do they have pictures but they claim to have the parts for sale.  The pictures don’t reveal too much other than it does appear to support a larger screen and we can see the smaller dock connector which leaves more space for better speakers.

The other interesting tidbit is that iFixyouri claims that black and white would not be the only available colors…apparently it will be available in 2 other colors.  Hard to believe myself but time will tell.

6/07/12 – eTradeSupply via Cydiablog posts a video showing clear view of supposed iPhone 5 back shown above.

I really haven’t been a fan of this taller version of the iPhone but I have to say that it is starting to grow on me.  Again, this is still a rumor and could be an elaborate hoax but we’re starting to see the same information come from various sources which leads some to believe that this is what the new phone will look like.  Still no firm date on when this will be released but it’s still pretty likely to be October.

6/13/12 – A nicely done render shows what the iPhone 5 may look like.  Nice job Martin uit Utrecht!  Via Flickr.

So this technically isn’t a new rumor, but rather just a rendering of what the iPhone 5 may look like based on the supposed rumors and leaks so far.  These rendered images look fantastic, and show what the new iPhone 5 may look like.  I’m kind of hoping these turn out to be accurate.


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  1. I think i’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus and soon to come SIII. I just don’t like that the iPhone doesn’t have as much customization as Android, besides that the iPhone is a pretty sexy phone

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