Macbook Air 11″ – The Best Computer I’ve Ever Owned

I’ve been a “Window’s” guy for most of my life.  I’d come to accept the viruses, spyware, and general bugs as a part of life.  But about 3 months ago I bought the Macbook Air 11″ and I can now comfortably say that this is the best computer I’ve ever owned.

This Macbook Air is a beautiful piece of hardware.  The main enclosure and display are both made of solid aluminum, which not only adds to the beauty of the notebook but also to it’s durability.  The backlit keyboard means you are never straining to type in a darker room.  And the battery life is really excellent.  I chose the 11″ model, with 4GB of RAM, and 128GB Flash Storage.   I do have to say that I was disappointed when I found out that you can never upgrade the memory after purchase.  I guess I can see Apple’s reasons for that decision but it’s still disheartening for someone that’s so used to always having that option in the past.  I was also a little apprehensive of the screen size before making my decision.  I didn’t know if I’d be straining to see the screen and regret not getting the 13″ instead.  After owning it for these last few months I have no regrets.  What makes this the perfect size for me is how portable it is. It’s just so easy to carry this around with me when I need and I have no difficulty seeing the screen.  I rarely ever have to actually shut the computer down, I just close the screen when I’m not using it and it goes to sleep.  When I’m ready to use it again I just open the screen and within 10 seconds it’s ready to go.  I only have to charge it once every few days and it charges to full capacity pretty quick.

Probably one of my favorite features of this and any other Macbook is the trackpad.  It just works so well.  It’s very smooth and intuitive, and works very well with the built in gestures in Lion OS.

What separates this from most other Windows computers I’ve used in the past is that it just works.  Like all the time.  In the last 3 month’s I’ve had no issues that kept me from getting work done that I needed to complete.  It’s no wonder that these current Macbook Airs have spurned an entirely new class of notebooks…the Ultrabooks.  Because in my opinion, these really are the Ultimate Notebooks.

3 responses to “Macbook Air 11″ – The Best Computer I’ve Ever Owned

  1. What a great review! I’ve curious about the Macbook Airs but I was never sure the extra convenience was worth the price. Apparently, it is. You’ve made my decision harder, not easier but I don’t mind. Keep up the good work, Will.

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  3. Have to agree with you there. I owned a Powerbook 3400 back in the day, but have largely been a Windows guy since v. 3.1 (again, back in the day). I purchased a MacBook Air from our anti-Mac IT department, and love it. The form factor, ease of use, transporting it, instant sleep/on – highly recommend. My only complaint thus far would be hard disk size. If I had spec’d this system I would have gone for the 250GB SSD, having only 100GB makes things a little tight. Otherwise, it’s a great machine. And like the review said – it just works. Period.

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