Watch OS2 give it a go


Apple was suppose to launch its new Watch OS2 at the same time that iOS9 on September 16th launched. But because of a bug they decided to hold off. But as of today you can now download there firmware update.


Watch OS2 welcomes new watch faces, like time-Lapse. if you ever have the opportunity to travel, then these few time-lapse videos from locations around the world. Like Shanghai,and Paris will keep those memories going.

Photos: You can now pick from your own personal photo albums that you shot from your iPhone. Just take a look at what time it is and you will see a different photo . And not to mention the Live Photos feature. With an animation of motion from those pictures. It’s just a nice thing to see!!

Complications: Weather,World clock,Flight times, are just a few of the apps from the App Store that can now show more info that you have been waiting for. You can now keep an eye on your home from anywhere-lights,thermostat,sensors,cameras-with certain home automation apps.


One of my favorite new features is putting your watch into Nightstand mode. When I plugged in my watch I never new what to do with it. Well now when you attach the magnetic charger it will aluminate the time,date,and alarm. This to me is very useful because I like to sleep in compete darkness, but I also would like to no what time it is and now, with a the new look this will help.


Reply to email: now I now what your saying “I can already reply to my email” well now you have more options. like sending an emoji, or chose from a list of relevant replies.


Friends: keep your friends close and more of your friends closer. Now you can do that by adding multiple friends screens, maybe have a screen for work mates,and a screen for personal friends. What ever you choose you CAN.


Siri: I think the most important feature is Siri, not having to touch your Apple Watch but speak commands id VERY important, and Apple has also improved this feature, with even more versatile personal assistant, like check your Glanes,get transit info. and now look up a word in the dictionary.
Apple is toting that the Apple Watch is now faster and more powerful, the update just came out today so we will have to wait and see on that one, but I remain optimistic, from what I see from this new update I don’t doubt it, so far so go.

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