William Murphy – Founder and “Editor in Chief”

I’m your typical “gadget guy”.  I’ve had a love of technology all my life.  I was the guy everyone called to come over and program the VCR clock or help you set up a new TV and sound system.  Right around the year 2000 a friend encouraged me to buy a barebones computer from Tiger Direct and he helped me assemble it.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked.  I’ve now built several computers over the years but this blog is not just about computers.  It’s about whatever catches my interest. I’m a former Windows and Android fan but have replaced both with Apple and iOS devices.  I would consider myself moderately technical in that I’m not a programmer or network admin…I work in technology sales which gives me some excuses to read and research tech.  I hope anyone that reads this will enjoy my reviews and I will try to keep this interactive when possible.

Feel free to leave comments and tell me how I’m doing.

Andrew Dencklau – Contributor

Andrew is a certified A+ technician who owns a local computer repair shop in Clarion, IA.  He likes technology, comics, and Star Wars.  If you need your computer repaired and live in the Clarion area visit his website for more information.

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