Fitbit Aria Smart Scale


I used the Fitbit Aria smart scale for about 2.5 year and I have to admit…that I was really happy with it while it worked.  It remained connected to my home wifi even with battery replacements and I felt it was pretty accurate with regards to the main thing that scales should measure…weight.  I grew to appreciate having my weight logged automatically in Fitibit’s app and found this to be motivational to help me lose weight.


The scale did a good job not only with recording weight, but also BMI and fat percentage.  I really did enjoy using it and found it reliable.

Recommended? – No

After about 2.5 years of use I started getting a weird error.  I’d step on the scale and it would display “Thinking”…which was normal.  But then it would display “ERR”.  I contacted Fitbit support who had me try some troubleshooting (which basically involved removing the batteries and trying again) but they couldn’t get it to work.  Afterwards they checked my warranty status and once they realized I was out of warranty they basically told me that there was nothing I could do and I’d need to buy a new one.  Call me old fashioned but to me a scale is something that should last longer than 2.5 years…especially one that I paid $130 for.  They recommended their Aria Model 2 which maybe fixes this problem but after getting burned this time I can’t really recommended these to anyone.  After researching this problem I learned that this was a common problem with these scales.  What Fitbit should have done was issued a recall when it became common for these to fail after a certain amount of time.  There are plenty of other smart scales out there and I recommend researching other options.


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