One Month Review of the T-Mobile G2X

Is the G2x the phone for you?

I was very excited to get this phone!  After having a Nexus One for a year and a half I was ready for a new powerhouse that would live up to all of my Nexus One’s shortcomings.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED my Nexus One.  It was an awesome phone when it came out and continued to be awesome for a good long time.  But I wanted something that was going to be faster, something that had a front-facing camera, and more than anything a phone that had a decent amount of internal storage.  That more than anything else was the biggest shortcoming the Nexus One had.  You really only had about 180MB of internal storage for apps.  Even after transferring everything I could to the SD card I was still getting the “Low Storage Space” error.

So here comes the G2x with so many promises of greatness.  A Tegra 2 Dual core processor, pure Android, front facing camera, and 8GB of internal storage!  That blew me away!  So now how do I feel after having owned the phone for just over a month? Disappointed.  Yes the processor is great, the front facing camera is nice, though I rarely use it, and I have plenty of space for apps.  However let me take some time to point out some negatives.

While it is true that there is 8GB of internal storage what you are not told is that only about 1.5 GB is available for apps.  While that is still plenty of space and I’m nowhere near filling it up I just feel that I was misled.  About 2.5GB is set aside for the OS, and around 4GB are classified as “Internal SD” that is to be used for music and photos.  This can be confusing though when you are trying to find something downloaded on your phone and you have to look through the  both the Internal SD and the External SD to find where is has been stored.

I have nothing bad to say about the Tegra 2 processor or the pure Android OS.  They really run great most of the time.  However, I was one of the fortunate individuals who experienced numerous occasions when the phone would either randomly reboot or even worse just lock up.  And the only way to reset the phone is to remove the battery and restart.  This was happening WAY too often the first two weeks that I had the phone.  At first I thought it was just my phone and so I started disabling certain apps to try and troubleshoot but then starting hearing of others experiencing the same.  It has gotten much better but still occasionally locks up or reboots.  Supposedly LG will be implementing a software update that should resolve this problem.

Finally…my biggest gripe with this phone.  Battery life in one word is abysmal.  I mean really bad.  With my Nexus One I’m used to having extra chargers – bedside, downstairs in the kitchen, in the car, and at work.  But this was ridiculous.  Now I admit, I’m one of those guys who is constantly using or playing on my phone.  But charging this phone is required several times in order to make it last the whole day.

Is this your current phone (sorry if so), let me know in the comments how you feel.

Hope you have plenty of chargers!

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