Fitbit Charge HR 2 – Good Fitness Tracker…not great Smartwatch.


The Fitbit Charge HR 2 was a replacement to Fitbit’s discontinued Fitbit Force.  As you may recall the Force was a popular band that Fitbit produced but for some reason some people had a reaction to the metal used on the back of the band causing Fitbit to discontinue it before it really became mainstream.

The new Fitbit Charge HR 2 is packed with functionality for most people’s fitness needs.


I used this device for about a year and was pretty happy with it overall.  I enjoyed the fitness and sleep tracking but eventually began to miss some of the features of my Apple Watch…namely being able to respond to notifications I received.  So while this is a competent fitness tracker it doesn’t really count as a smart watch.  Battery life was about 5 days and it didn’t take long to charge.

Recommended?  – Yes

Would I recommend this Fitbit model?  As a fitness tracker yes I would.  It accomplishes everything that most fitness trackers strive for.  But just as I did, some people may find it lacking.  Time will tell if Fitbit’s newest model the Ionic will fit the bill.


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