Getting Smart: Automation Devices for Your Home

Guest Contributor:  Timothy Smith


Home automation is not just something we dream of when we watch the Jetsons. It’s now a reality, and it can make your home life so much easier. The best part is that these products are user-friendly and affordable now that technology has improved. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular and helpful products out right now.

  1. The Nest Learning Thermostatnest

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a home automation solution that has a learning mechanism. The more you use it, the more it learns your habits and preferences. The tool can use smartphone apps and voice commands to control the thermostat remotely.

Your home will always be at a desirable temperature without wasting energy during the time when no one is home. This particular device uses sensors and algorithms to determine what you want. It makes decisions based upon the temperature, time, day of the week and countless other factors. Automated controls can be overridden with a phone app.

  1. WeMo Home Electronics Controllers – $49.99

Belkin works in conjunction with WeMo to offer a line of home automation devices to make the home a more comfortable place to live. The devices are affordable and allow you to automatically control any device by simply plugging it into an automation device that’s plugs into the wall outlet. Each motion-sensor costs approximately $100, and each wall plug is approximately $50. The app and the service are free. It allows you to turn appliances on and off from your phone.

3.  Home Electronics SmartThings Pack – $174

This product is highly recommended and includes an app, development environment, cloud service, and hub. The company also plans to sell sensors to determine if a door is open and no one is home. The sensors will turn off all the lights, set the security alarm, and turn on the cooling and heating devices.

  1. Home Electronics Ubi – $189

Ubi plugs into the outlet to allow the control of home devices by voice commands. These devices can be plugged into nearly any room in your home. You can send email, perform Internet searches, and control home appliances by voice alone. The functionality of the devices will improve when a platform is built for other devices to be created and built.

Try Automation Devices for Your Home

These devices are just four of the recommended automated tools, but there are others. Devices like Fireclay Tile, Contemporary Bedroom, and Contemporary Home Office are all designed to make home life easier. Save time and money with the new automation devices for your home. For more home automation ideas check out Modernize.


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