First Impressions of the HTC Sensation

I will post a full review of this phone later after I’ve had it for a while, but I wanted to post just a few first impressions I’ve had so far.  I have to say at this point…I’m very impressed.  The phone is fast, very well built, and the battery life is amazing!  I haven’t felt this happy about a phone since I first bought the Nexus One.  I’ve always been a fan of pure Android phones but HTC’s Sense skin really does add some nice functionality and with the Sensation’s 1.2 Ghz dual core Snapdragon processor there is no loss in performance either.

About a month ago with the news of the Sensation and the LG G2x coming to T-Mobile I spent time going over the specs for both phones trying to decide which phone was going to replace my Nexus One.  Both phones have very similar specs…dual core processors, front facing cameras, 1080p video recording, etc…  I initially decided on the G2x for a couple of reasons.  The pure Android experience that I was a fan of and the much larger internal memory of the G2x.  Boy was I wrong in that decision.  This has reinforced a valuable lesson when it comes to deciding on phones, or any technology product for that matter.  There is much more to making good products than just having great specs.  On paper the G2x seemed to me to be a better phone, but I believe LG rushed to put out one of the first dual core Tegra 2 phones and in doing so released a premature product.  But HTC (along with Apple) knows that specs aren’t everything.  User experience and solid build quality are what determines the superior products in todays market.











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