Google Now Comes To The Desktop


Being a Android user,I am a huge Google Now fan and use it all the time on my Moto X. And if you are a fan too, no longer will you have to reach into your pocket for your phone when near your computer. Because Google Now has now come to BOTH the Mac and Windows desktop.

If you have already signed up for Google Now on your phone (iPhone or Android), then it will sync with Your Now account on the browser. To enable Google Now for your desktop, install Google’s Chrome Canary Browser (intended for developers and early adopters), then copy and paste this link in your address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-google-now  and then enable Google Now extension. Don’t worry it it the only extension that is highlighted yellow so it’s easy to find.  Then save and restart your browser.

On windows you find a bell in your system task bar notifications. And on Mac you will find it Menu Bar, again just look for the Bell.

And then WALLA!!!!

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