Review of ElementCase Ronin for iPhone 5 – It costs how much?


I was recently given one of these cases to review and I have to say I was impressed by the quality.  Inspired by the design of a Samurai sword, this Ronin case is made with Ziricote hard wood sides, machined aluminum on the top and bottom, and high grade leather on the back.  ElementCase calls this their “flagship” case and I can understand why.  It adds very little bulk to the phone, and while I never dropped my phone while I was using it, the case seems to provide adequate protection.  The manufacturer provided 2 different leather backs, depending on your preference, and a leather carrying case, which to me seemed kind of redundant.


While I like the quality of this case, there are some negatives.  First off…the price.  $179.95!  No, no, no, no, no.  It costs nearly the same as your iPhone (not including the 2 year contract of course).  Next is that I’m not convinced how much protection this case will provide to the front of your phone if you were to drop it on it’s face.  The case is pretty much flush with the screen of your phone.  My biggest complaint is that you can’t install or remove the case unless you use the included keychain wrench.

I am aware that this case has been discontinued by ElementCase but it’s been replaced by the nearly identical Ronin Bocote case at the same price.  In my opinion, while this is a fine case with impeccable quality, your money would be better spent elsewhere.  I’m back to using my favorite case…the Seidio Surface.


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