Air Jacket for Moto X…Is it the case for you?

By Josh Mckee


Yes this is another phone case review. Being an Android user it is sometimes hard to find a good quality phone case because of all the different Android phone makers out there. That’s one thing Apple has on Android.

air-jacket-back-black-white-x-540I decided to try my hands on the Air Jacket for the Moto X by Power Support which I found on the Motorola site. After using it for a few days now, I have to say I am really digging it. The case comes in multiple colors in order to match for your personally designed Moto X. Black, blue, cherry, grey, orange, violet, and yes even lime green. I personally went with the black with clear back. I know boring right, but my phone is black with red accents so any other color would have not looked good.

The frame of the case is made of a rubberized material and has an enough of a lip on the screen to protect from those accidental phone drops. The case feels good in the hand, and has a nice grip where I’m confident it’s not going slip out of my hands. The case fits nice and snug around the phone and has good size cut outs for the headphone jack and charging plug. Big enough where I don’t think anyone will have a problem with headphones or charging cables not fitting. You wouldn’t think that’s a problem but on some phones cases you have to struggle to get these things to go on, especially with car audio cables.

The power button and volume buttons are completely covered by the rubber and are not the easiest to press. I have to at times use the tip of my finger to get enough pressure in order to power on and off the phone. But the volume buttons are just fine.

At the cost of $34.00 overall I think it is a great case. And I am very picky when it comes to using cases, I would prefer not to use one at all. That’s just how I roll.

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One response to “Air Jacket for Moto X…Is it the case for you?

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been struggling to decide what Moto X case i wanted, and this one seems to be the only one that may suit me.

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