Mophie Lets You Add Storage To Your iPhone

By Will Murphy


Mophie has made a name for themselves as a quality smartphone case maker with the extra battery packs built in to give your phone more life during the day.  They just revealed a clever new case that not only provides extra battery life but also additional storage for iPhone users!

Available for the iPhone 5 and 5S, their new Space Pack packs a 1,700mAh backup battery and also comes with either 16GB or 32GB of additional storage.  The extra storage can be used to store pretty much anything needed, from music, photos, and especially video.  This is a sorely needed accessory for iPhone users who have filled the internal storage of their phones since there is currently no easy way to add additional storage to their phones.  Also included with the case is a free app called Space which allows the user to organize local files without offloading them to their computer.

The Mophie Space Packs are available for preorder for $149.95 for the 16GB model and $179.95 for the 32GB model. Each will go on sale on March 14th.

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