Major Update for the Flickr iOS App – Auto Upload



Today Flickr updated their iOS app with a feature that I’ve been hoping for since they announced their 1TB of storage upgrade.  Pictures you now take on your iOS device can now be automatically uploaded to your Flickr account into a private set.  Up until now I’d been using Dropbox to automatically back up all of my photos to.  But most people have only 2GB of storage space with Dropbox and that can be depleted fairly quickly as photos are uploaded.  Personally I’ve been using Dropbox as a sort of “staging area”.  Uploading to Dropbox until it reached a certain size and then transferring the photos and videos to a private set on Flickr.  This was kind of a cumbersome process but I knew my photos were always backed up.

With this new update this entire process is simplified and now even easier to share with others.  Since your photos are automatically uploaded to a private set you don’t have to worry about others seeing photos that you don’t want to be shared.  But when you are ready to share you can easily do so from Flickr…by either adding photos to a public set or sharing directly to other social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, to name just a few.

Currently this update is only available to iOS 7 users.  No word yet on previous versions of iOS, Android, or Windows Phones.

Are you interested in using this new feature?  Do you hate it?  Tell me in the comments below.

– Source:  Flickr Blog


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