An Opinion On the Moto X

There’s so much going on in the world of mobile devices these days.  In some ways they have become the most personal thing we have.  We do everything with them; we text, email, watch movies, take photos and share them with the world,and yes, on occasion make a phone call.

So it’s no wonder people have taken different sides when it comes to the new Moto X phone.  Either you love it or you hate it.  Many Android fanboys and just fans of phones are stuck on specs, but in our little bubble of tech enthusiasts we are the only ones who care about whether or not it has a quad core or dual core processor, if it is 720p or 1080p screen, Super Amoled, OLED, or LCD.

The everyday customer who walks into a store to buy a phone only cares about a few things…battery life, storage, and camera quality, even then some go on how it looks and how it feels in the hand and what color it is, and of course price.  One reason why Apple’s iPhone is so popular is that they control what you will feel and see, but some don’t care.  I have to admit “It just works”.

Google/Motorola have taken a different take on how we use our phones, with the Moto X it is more about performance and dropping the price of how much phones cost us than specs.  For example it will only have a 720p screen and most have taken argument to this, feeling it should be 1080p like the Samsung Galaxy S4.  But what most don’t know is a 1080p display consumes a lot more battery life then a 720p one and unless you have them side by side I promise you will not notice the difference. It’s amazing how we get used to screen resolution when it’s something we use everyday.  And most apps and videos only come as high as 720p anyways.  The Moto X is all about battery life with rumors of 12-15 hours.

But the great thing about Android is there is CHOICE.  And we are all allowed our opinion and if you don’t like it there’s always Apple.

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