Which Console is Best? Comparing the Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One

After almost a decade of waiting, gamers have been eagerly awaiting word on the newest generation of tier 1 game consoles. The PS4 and XBOX One are all slated to come out in late 2013 (the Wii U came out late last year), and many have already decided which console they’ll buy. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, here’s what we know so far about each console.

XBOX One Adds Functionality

At $100 more than either the Wii U or the PS4, the Xbox One needs to deliver a lot. The system will come with Kinect 2, the gaming platform’s motion-sensing device. The PS4 won’t come with any motion-sensing device, which means those who want out-of-the-box functionality for those types of games may lean toward the Xbox One.

Photo by Flickr user netzkobold

PS4 Provides Flexibility

The actual hardware and technology of the Xbox One and the PS4 are extremely similar. However, the PS4 does not have any restrictions on used games. Many gamers today purchase games used, and Microsoft will be charging fees to those who want to play used games on their console. This could be a huge negative for many gamers. The Xbox One also requires an Internet connection, whereas the PS4 does not. The PS4 is smaller than the Xbox One, cheaper and allows players to loan games to other players for free, the polar opposite of what Microsoft is attempting to do.

Photo by Flickr user tofuprod

The WII U is There for the Fans

Meanwhile, the Wii U has always been a different type of console. A basic version of the Wii U is available at $100 cheaper than the PS4, and the system specifications of the Wii U are far below that of the PS4 or Xbox One. Fans of the Wii system probably already know whether they will be getting the Wii, however, because the Wii system simply has different games than the other two consoles. Head of Activision Bobby Kotick pointed out that the Wii U has had an extremely slow start, despite launching ahead of the other two consoles.

Photo by Flickr user wiiu-spiele.com

Which system a gamer decides to buy will ultimately come down to each platform’s unique games, as it has in prior years.

Author Bio:

Javier Austero

Javier is a technology buff and amateur robot-builder who hopes to break into the science fiction scene someday.

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