iOS 7: Exploring All The New Features

Apple recently unveiled its second version of the much-anticipated iOS 7, says PC Mag, and it appears that iOS users have a lot to look forward to. Apple claims the new iOS is the most important creation of Apple technology since the iPhone. Whether this is factual remains to be seen, many are excited about the release nonetheless.

Apple may have avoided mentioning anything about Apple TV, which puts satellite and cable retailers like DirecTV at rest, but it certainly created a buzz among phone and tablet providers with the new iOS 7 beta release.

What the developers have found thus far, and what they’re telling the public about, is quite interesting.

iOS 7 Beta — What It’s Supposed to Be About

For those who have read Apple’s web page, it is apparent that the company is stressing design above all other things. However, the company points out that design isn’t simply a matter of looking good — design is the idea of making complex things simple and extremely accessible.

The new iOS, due out sometime this fall, is supposed to fix a lot of the minor problems people have with the current system, and to give them several innovations to make their lives easier.

What is Certain

You must have a developer account with Apple to gain access to this current beta release, which apparently some tech journalists have. The Cult of Mac has listed several cool finds in the new iOS, although it points out that all of them may not make the final cut. Some include:

  • Mark Messages as Read: iOS users have long been baffled by the lack of ability to mark all messages as read. For a company that values simplicity and usability above all things, the lack of this option in iOS Mail seems like a glaring oversight. If you use this feature on your iPhone, you know about this issue, and you’ll rejoice along with everyone else at the new “Mark All” button in the latest iOS.
  • AirDrop: This is a pretty exciting development for mobile users. Regular OS X users have had access to this file-sharing option for some time, but the inclusion on phones and tablets will be an excellent addition to the new iOS. AirDrop allows you to share any file on your phone, such as pictures or documents, almost instantaneously. You simply select the file, choose AirDrop, and the person you’re sharing with will be notified on their iPhone that you’re trying to share. They accept, and the transfer is made. Painless and quick. This works for Passbook items as well, useful for situations like needing to share concert tickets with your friends before a show.
  • Turn-By-Turn Walking Directions: Turn-by-turn directions can be annoying sometimes, but the lack of such an option for walking directions has been frustrating for those who go by foot. Walking and staring at a screen is dangerous, making this new feature much anticipated by walkers everywhere.

Social Changes

The new iOS 7 will also shake up how users connect. Siri is getting much more involved with Twitter, according to Information Week. She will now be able to show related tweets when asked about particular topics. This could be an entirely new way to discover and share timely information.

ITunes radio is another advancement, and will be heavily integrated with social media. This streaming media service will allow those who have it to customize personal radio stations while also learning and sharing new music.

Coming This Fall

Apple says the new iOS will be out this fall. Only then will users know what will be featured. However, it’s already clear that there is much to look forward to for mobile device users of Apple.

Image by William Hook pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.

About the Author:

Gregory Halloway

Greg is a dad and mobile app developer who writes about the tech world from his home office in Portland, Maine.


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