A New, More Organized GMail Inbox

Email has become the primary form of communication for many today, for both business and personal.  We are bombarded with advertisements, status updates, reminders, confirmations, receipts, and occasionally messages from friends and family.  All of these various types of email can easily clutter our inbox and make it more difficult to prioritize what is really important.

Starting today Google is slowly rolling out an update to GMail that will allow us to have tabbed categories in our inbox.

GMail Inbox


The new inbox groups your mail into categories which appear as different tabs. You simply choose which categories you want and your inbox is organized in a way that lets you see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.

It’s pretty simple to customize the new inbox by selecting which tabs you want, from none to five.  You can create rules so that some senders will always be sorted to a certain tab, making it easy to keep your primary inbox free from clutter.


If the new inbox isn’t appealing to you, you can easily switch off all optional tabs to go back to classic view, or switch to any of your other favorite inbox types.

They will also be updating the Android and iOS versions of the GMail app so you will have access the same tabbed categories that you have on your desktop.

So what do you think of the new GMail inbox?  Something you are looking forward to or “meh”?  Do you even use GMail in a browser or do you use another app?  Tell me in the comments below.


Source:  Official GMail Blog


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