Microsoft’s Supply Problem


On January 9th the Surface Pro 64gb and 128gb was released; but nationwide they are already out of stock at all Best Buys and Staple stores, including Microsoft stores and website.  Microsoft is also not allowing any kind of sign up to pre-order. Some Best Buys are reporting only receiving one single device.

Is this because Microsoft did not expect such a demand?  Or were they just not able to produce enough on their new, inexperienced supply chain?

Whatever the case, customers on Microsoft’s blog are not to happy about it.  Some have expressed outrage towards Microsoft for a tablet that has been in the works for some time and did not for what ever reason meet customer’s demand expectations.  And with no way to pre-order, some may be forced to look to other tablets that will suit there needs and in the end hurt Microsoft’s bottom line. I guess it’s better than the alternative…of having plenty of stock but no one buying.

Image Source:  Mashable


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