Netflix Strikes New Deal with Disney

Netflix Disney

Netflix announced Tuesday that it has struck a multi-year licensing agreement deal with Disney.  This deal is a breakthrough for Netflix because it out bid pay TV channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz to have exclusive rights starting in 2016 to stream recent first-run Disney movies over high-speed internet connections.  These include rights to Disney, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, Marvel and we would assume also Star Wars. But for the mean time you will be able to enjoy Disney classics like Cinderella, Dumbo, and Little Mermaid. In their statement they did not mention how much they would be paying Disney for this.  And this deal would not extend to Netflix DVD service which it has been trying to phase out since it cost less for them to stream the movies and they can more easily control piracy.

“We’re so proud to be teaming up with Disney and to be offering you even more fantastic entertainment in the months and years to come.  Let the fun begin!” – Pauline Fischer – Vice President, Content Acquisition

This could be considered a slap in the face to Starz after Netflix was unwilling to pay the high price that Starz wanted for them to stream their movies.


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