Windows Surface Pro…an overpriced tablet?

Surface Pro

Ever since Microsoft announced pricing for their upcoming Surface Pro tablet people have been up in arms and complaining about the price. At $899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB, people are screaming about how insanely expensive these new tablets will be…and those prices are not including the Touch keyboard covers!

“$899! That’s $70 more than the most expensive iPad!”

But just wait a minute. Is this really the way you should be thinking. No, its not. Instead of viewing the Surface Pro as a really expensive tablet, you should instead be considering this a fully functional computer in a tablet form factor. Can you run full fledged desktop software on the most expensive iPad? No. That is the advantage that the Surface Pro brings to the table. Consider this comparison of the Surface Pro to Apple’s Macbook Air provided by BGR:


Now I admit, most people use tablets for simple web browsing, checking their email, and media consumption (viewing photos, watching movies, or reading books). So for those people the MS Surface Pro does not make sense to purchase. Those are the people who should instead be buying iPads or Nexus tablets. But there are others who will love the portability and power that the Surface Pro will offer. MS is offering something that no other tablet manufacturer has been able to provide…a tablet powerful enough for business. And hey…business is really where MS has thrived.

So let’s adjust how we view the Surface Pro and reserve judgement on the price until we see how well or how poorly it performs.

-Image Source: Microsoft


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