iPad mini – Controversial For No Real Reason

For some reason, the iPad mini has been very controversial.  First it started in September at the iPhone announcement because no announcement was made.  Then the controversy started because it looked like Apple was going to have an event specifically for the mini.  Next came the price speculation…and finally, the actual release and everyone seemed mad that the mini was what it was.  Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy” even rated it a “Don’t Buy”!  WOW…Really?

I pre-ordered the iPad mini and it arrived on Friday.  After using over the weekend, I can honestly say I love it!  No complaints here!!

It’s not my first iPad.  I used to have an iPad for work, but then I just started using my phone.  I have an 11 inch Mac Air which I use at home a lot and while I liked the iPad, I just didn’t want to carry a device with a 10 inch screen, but the iPhone  screen was just getting a little small.  The iPad mini was perfect for what I needed.

True…it does not have Retina display, but I don’t miss it at all.  Because of the smaller screen webpages, apps, photos, video, all look fine to me.  I’ve already read quite a bit on it and have watched several TV shows, and they looked great.  Lack of Retina is not a deal breaker.

The price…yes, it is more expensive.  Yes, there are other 7 inch tablets that are cheaper.  But like a few mentioned to me when they heard the price, “oh, that’s not too bad.  It’s Apple”, meaning, you get higher quality for a higher price.

Being invested in the Apple ecosystem comes at a price in one form or another.  I signed in with my Apple ID and my iTunes Match populated, and the Apps I wanted were ready to go.  Apple isn’t the only company that does this, but that’s why I didn’t mind paying the $70 more.

I’ve used the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.  The Nexus 7 is a good device, but the Android OS can be complicated for non-techs.  The Fire was a rough experience I did not enjoy.  Besides, the Kindle Fire is now more like a catalog that a media device.  You even get ads on it.  To me, that’s just not a great experience.

So, why the drama?  Why the controversy?    Do we just expect more from Apple?  I really think the mini is one of the first products that Apple released due to pressure from the masses.  Usually Apple tells us what we want, but it seems this isn’t the case with the iPad mini.  It was clear that the public wanted 7-8 inch tablets, and Apple acquiesced and gave us one.  Was the iPad mini rushed just to get a product out there?  Is the price deliberately higher because of low supply or testing the waters?  Will the mini everyone wants be released in 7 months?  Probably “yes” to all.  But Apple’s a company, and their job is to make money.

Similar things have happened with Apple in the past.  Remember the iPod mini?  All they did was shrink it down.  Then they offered it in different colors.  Then they release iPod Socks.  (yep, the really did….check it out here)  That wasn’t very innovative….but it still became their best selling iPod up to that time.  Perhaps that same will happen with the mini.  (hopefully there won’t be iPad mini Socks in the future)

The iPad mini is all I’d hoped it would be.  Super light, easy to use, larger screen, but not the size or weight of the full size iPad.  For me…I couldn’t be happier.

I personally think anyone that is thinking about the iPad mini, once you use it, you’ll instantly love it.  You won’t miss what is doesn’t have, just enjoy what it does.  And hopefully the more people do that, the more the controversy will die down.  If you want to purchase an iPad mini and try it out for yourself you can do so here.


2 responses to “iPad mini – Controversial For No Real Reason

  1. Totally agree 100% I’m typing this reply on my mini and since I’ve had it I haven’t touched my iPad 3. No a retina was a bummer at first but now I don’t even notice. The form factor and size is what makes this thing great, also the 4:3 rather than 16:9 is a great move not just because of ipad apps working natively but because there is more vertical real estate, you really notice after using a nexus 7 how much nicer web browsing and gaming is on the ipad.

    For me this a def buy even if you own a larger ipad!

  2. After having bought my own iPad mini recently I also agree that this is a great size. I do prefer it over the screen size of my Nexus 7. This was a fair and unbiased review that helped push me toward my purchase. Thanks!

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