Dropbox Matches Google Drive’s Free 5GB (Sort of…)

With the release of Google Drive and their free 5GB of storage this week people have been speculating that Dropbox may also raise their free storage offering to match that.  Today we get their response.

They have released a new version of their software which you can find here.  Once installed on your Windows or Mac computer you now have the option to automatically upload photos to Dropbox when you plug in a camera, smartphone, or tablet via a USB cable.  They already had a “Camera Upload” option built into their latest Android app but this new feature enables that feature to these other devices using your computer.

If you haven’t already signed up for Dropbox you can do so here and you will automatically get 2GB of space for free.  Now you may think…”2GB?!?!  I thought you just said I get 5GB!”  Calm down…when you begin uploading photo’s using the new Dropbox camera upload feature they automatically give you an extra 500MB.  And for every 500MB in pictures that you upload they will give you another 500MB of free storage, up to 3GB for free.

I’m not sure this a true “match” to what Google offers with Drive.  Google gives you 5GB for free to use however you want.  If you wanted to load 5GB of videos or documents you could do so.  Not so with Dropbox.  They give you 2GB for whatever you want and if you want 5GB of free space you are required you use 3GB of that storage for photos.  What do you think?  Is this an Apples for Apples comparison?  Did Dropbox do enough to compete?  Tell me below…


2 responses to “Dropbox Matches Google Drive’s Free 5GB (Sort of…)

  1. I think the question is can we trust Google with the info we save with this service? With all the privacy issues there have been lately, how do we know they won’t share are info since this service is free?
    Also it might be too late. Drop Box has been around for to long and is integrated with everything we use.

  2. Personally I think people are overreacting to all of these TOS agreements. I believe that there won’t be any violation of privacy from either Google or Dropbox…if there are you can bet the media attention will scare the companies straight quick.

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