Google Is Back In The Hardware Game

Back in the game?  That’s right.  Some of you may remember when Google was selling their Nexus One phones directly online.  In fact that’s where I bought mine from back in March of 2010 for about $529 off contract for T-Mobile.  Google eventually stopped selling the phones directly mainly due to customer dissatisfaction from lack of customer service.  If you had problems with an order it was nearly impossible to contact Google about it.

Well they are now giving it another shot.  They’ve introduced a new “Shop Devices” in their Google Play store.  So now you can not only buy apps, movies, ebooks, and music but now hardware too.  The Galaxy Nexus is currently the only device available in the “Devices” section but as the name of the category indicates they may soon be stocking other items…perhaps the rumored Nexus tablet soon?

The Galaxy Nexus’ (Nexi?) that they are selling are unlocked GSM phones that will work on either AT&T or T-Mobile and are for sale at $399.  They are also including a free $10 credit for Google Wallet so if you think about it you are actually paying $389.  This price is substantially less than the $649 off contract price from Verizon.

So what are your thoughts?  Are you interested to purchase hardware directly from Google?  Tell me in the comments below.


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