The Best Feature of the New iPad? (Updated!)

New iPad and iPad 2 display under magnification

I should preface this article by saying that I have not seen the New iPad.  But the main new feature that seems to be getting the most attention on the New iPad is it’s new “Retina Display”.  I’ll admit that a resolution of 2048 x 1536 does sound REALLY impressive.  Over a million more pixels than an HDTV…4 times the number of pixels than the iPad 2.  Wow!  You can see from the picture above that under magnification you can see a huge improvement.  But the real question is…

In the real world does it matter?

Without looking under a magnifying glass using your naked eye will you really be able to tell that much of a difference between the New iPad and the iPad 2?  Gizmodo performed an informal study where they handed people the iPad 2 and told them it was the new iPad and the participants seemed to love the new display!  So there is really not that drastic a difference between the two.  Even if you could see the difference…would it be worth it to upgrade from an iPad 2 to the new iPad?  Probably not.

Do you have the New iPad or have you examined one?  Tell me how you feel in the comments below.


I went to the Apple store today and actually saw the New iPad for the first time.  I agree with others that the screen is really amazing.  I tried very hard to see any pixilation…and I could not see any.  I looked at pictures, video, and text and every application looked crystal clear.  With that said, I still stand by what I wrote above.  The New iPad has the best display of any tablet available today, but if you already have an iPad 2 you probably don’t need to pay to upgrade.


One response to “The Best Feature of the New iPad? (Updated!)

  1. I have an IPad 2, and was waiting patiently for the new IPad. When I heard about the the new screen, camera, quad-core GPU, and 4G I got excited. When I finally got my hands on it at the apple store I was a little disappointed. The screen is simply amazing but the screen on my IPad 2 is also great, I could see a difference but I wasn’t blown away. I left the apple store without the new IPad and I was ok with that. The next day I bought my wife a 16GB IPad 2 at the new discounted price. I’ll wait for the revolutionary IPad 4 or maybe it will be called the Newest IPad.

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